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TattleTale Home Security Products, an authorized Tattletale® Portable Alarm Systems dealer, will provide you with the simplest, most cost-effective portable security system anywhere.

     Tattletale® Portable Alarm System is a wireless, fully featured, monitored alarm system that is more simple to activate and use than a cellular phone. No wires. No phone lines. No permanent installation. Just plug in Tattletale® to an electrical outlet and sixty seconds later Tattletale® is ready to be armed by simply entering a 4 digit code. Every Tattletale® comes with a built-in motion detector, a 115-decibel siren, a strobe light and key pad. Each Tattletale® is also sealed, tamper-proof and comes with a 10-hour rechargeable battery back up that will allow Tattletale® to function without interruption in case of a power loss. Tattletale® can talk to a total of 48 indoor and outdoor high performance wireless accessories. These accessories transmit up to 2000 feet away form the Tattletale® utilizing next generation 900MHz spread spectrum technology.

     Tattletale® Portable Alarm System uses the digital data control channel of the existing cellular network to send a high performance cellular data burst that cannot be stopped. Tattletale® provides 24-hour wireless monitoring nationwide. Plug it in. Fax the Customer Activation Sheet and Monitoring Agreement. Tattletale® utilizes a nationwide wireless network to alert customers and the local authorities in the event of an alarm.

     Once your Tattletale® devices are in place, call Tattletale® Customer Service and they will walk you through a quick test of your system to ensure that it is communicating and functioning properly. Once complete you can arm your system with confidence! Call today for more information.


  • INSTANT PROTECTION: Tattletale® is a complete alarm system in one compact unit. Just plug it in. There is no installation, no wires and no appointments to schedule.
  • PORTABLE ALARM SYSTEM: You own it. You can move it from one location to another at any time.
  • WIRELESS SECURITY: Tattletale® sends an instant wireless signal to 24/7 emergency dispatch. With the addition of long range wireless accessories tattletale can protect anything, anywhere, anytime.
  • THE FASTEST ALARM SIGNAL: Tattletale® uses a wireless data link to send the alarm signal. This signal is a one-way data packet that travels over the digital data control channel of the existing cellular network. There can be no dropped calls!
  • NO PHONE LINE TO CUT: Thieves typically cut a phone line before entering a premise. Data packet technology is superior to conventional alarm systems because there is no phone line to cut. The digital wireless alarm signal also eliminates the chance that a power surge will cause a false alarm.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE; IT'S CELLULAR: Use Tattletale® anywhere in the United States and Canada. There are no long distance and no roaming charges.
There are more than 25 options and accessories available for the Tattletale®.
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Booster Borderguard
Door/Window Glass Break
Indoor Motion Key FOB
Loop Outdoor Motion
Rate of Rise Rattler
Siren/Strobe Smoke
Water Level A/C Watcher
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